Bridge Capital, JTM Saipan earn wins in Eagles caging

Aug 21, 2023 | Saipan Tribune

Bridge Capital and JTM Saipan earned wins in the open division of the Inaugural SMEC-SMLEC Invitational Basketball Tournament 2023 last Thursday and Friday night at the Gualo Rai Basketball Court.

Bridge Capital steamrolled the 670 Rollers, 95-77, last Thursday, while JTM Saipan bounced back to win a close game against Choju, 85-79, last Friday.

Michael Aparte of Bridge Capital allowed his team to come out of the first quarter with a 10-point lead as he made 8 of the team’s 24 points. Bridge Capital still had the upper hand in the second quarter as the 670 Rollers made only 15 points due to Bridge Capital’s tight defense.

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