Bridge Capital is biggest sponsor of FESTPAC delegation

May 10, 2024 | Saipan Tribune

For over a decade, Bridge Capital LLC has been one of the CNMI’s biggest supporters of the arts; and it once again showed its dedication to the community of local artists with an over $10,000 donation to the CNMI delegation heading to the Festival of Pacific Arts and Culture in Hawaii next month.

The turnover ceremony was held at Bridge Capital’s headquarters in Garapan last Wednesday.

The company picked the highest tier of sponsorship, the Ma’gas Galaide Sponsor, and donated $8,000 in cash and an estimated $8,000 in-kind sponsorship exceeding the tier’s amount of $8,000-$10,000.

On behalf of the FESTPAC delegation, planning committee chair Mary Margaret “Maggie” Sablan shared her gratitude for the donation, noting that the funds go a long way.

Bridge Capital’s Julie Ann Duenas spoke on behalf of the company and said, “Bridge Capital’s donation and participation in the FESTPAC 2024 is definitely an extension of our continued commitment and support of the arts be it visual arts, performing arts, or literary arts. It’s always an honor for Bridge Capital to support the local culture and the arts, especially the artists.”

With the company recently holding their 11th Annual Art Competition during the Flame Tree Art Festival last April, Duenas shared that the competition alone cost an estimated $30,000, showing the company’s dedication to artists in the CNMI.

“Basically, we want to give back to the community and our artists that always showcase the talent that we have here in the CNMI,” she said.

Duenas also added that the in-kind donation made to the FestPAC delegation was sending two Bridge Capital support staff.

Commonwealth Council for Arts and Culture director Sepe Gloriana Teuira, who will also serve as the 2024 CNMI FestPAC delegation’s state art representative, shared that the help from Bridge Capital was much appreciated, especially as they are currently short-staffed.

“We’re short-staffed as it is considering the venues where the groups are going to be, especially the performing artists, this is why we need the support staff.”

Teuira shared her gratitude to Bridge Capital as well.

“This is our biggest sponsor. We’re really appreciative of Bridge Capital and regardless of what events come out, you will always see their name on the banners, logos, and shirts—even if they tell us that times are tough, they still come out and give anyways.”

Reference: Marianas Variety

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