CNMI to host ITF J30 tourney in May

Mar 29, 2024 | Saipan Tribune

The CNMI will be hosting an ITF J30 tournament anew from May 27 to June 2 at the Pacific Islands Club Saipan tennis courts.

Northern Mariana Islands Tennis Association president Jeff Race, who will serve as tourney director, said up-and-coming junior netters should take advantage of Saipan hosting an ITF J30 again.

“It’s great for our kids that we’ll be resuming our ITF world ranking event. Getting one’s first ITF points can be very tough and this is the best opportunity that they have to do that.”

The CNMI Sports Hall of Fame inductee and many time NMSA Coach of the Year said he’s expecting at least 50 players from off-island to take part in the ITF J30 tourney on Saipan. Off-island entries will come mainly from Korea and Japan with some tennis players from Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, and other Asian countries.

The last time an ITF J30 event was held on Saipan was in 2019. The local ITF J30 event is open for tennis players 18-and-under but not younger than 13 years old.

Race said since no junior netter from the CNMI currently has an ITF world ranking, local entries will have to take their chances via a wildcard entry. To this end, he’s encouraging those interested to sign up in the ITF website at and register in the IPIN, which is the ITF’s online service that allows players competing to enter and withdraw from ITF tournaments.

“As the ITF J30 tournament director I will have a very limited number of main draw wildcard entry places. There are more wildcard entry places in the qualifying draw. Direct acceptance into this tournament is based on the player’s ITF world ranking. Currently there are no NMI players with a ranking so the only NMI players who get into the main draw may be by wildcard, but it helps to sign up early. So, if you want to participate then please complete the courses, get your IPIN and enter the tournament as soon as possible,” he said.

Race said players who do not meet the age eligibility requirements or are not in the tournament will participate as ball kids. “We will have some training sessions prior to the tournament,” he said.

An ITF J30 event is a junior event with 30 world ranking points for the winner. It is the entry level event for emerging tennis players who are trying to acquire world ranking points to be accepted on the professional tour or win a scholarship to a U.S. college.

Reference: Saipan Tribune

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