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Bridge Capital opens new office in Garapan
April 27, 2010

ISLAND leaders, officials and business people graced the opening of the new office of Bridge Capital at Micro Beach Road in Garapan on Saturday afternoon.

Photo by Emmanuel EredianoBridge Capital, LLC is an international investment banking firm which specializes in real estate secured lending, distressed debt acquisition and restructuring, equity and debt placement, and investment management services.

Bridge Capital office manager and senior asset manager Lisa M. Frederickson told the Variety that it took almost a year before they finally moved in to the new office including the acquisition time, planning, ordering of materials, demolition and actual construction.

Frederickson said they are very happy to contribute to the economic revitalization of the Garapan tourism area.
“We were finally able to locate an appropriate place to completely renovate and to make into our world headquarters,” Frederickson said.

They needed to have adequate work space for their present and future plans, which this new location provided them.

Frederickson said the economic crisis did not hinder them from choosing Saipan as their headquarters.

“Years ago we decided to start moving some of our investments from North America into developing markets in Asia, such as the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, and elsewhere. However, we wanted to maintain our world headquarters in a jurisdiction which was affiliated with the United States, had a United States federal court, and was governed by the rule of law and democratic principles,” Frederickson said.

They found the CNMI as the perfect place to be strategically located to take advantage of these markets as well as business in the Micronesia area.

Bridge Capital executives have been involved in major financial transactions since 1981.

For more information, visit or call 322-2222.


This article is from Marianas Variety.


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