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Bridge Capital awards winning artworks
April 26, 2010

A HUGE Latte storyboard made of glazed ceramics to make it look aged won first place in the Bridge Capital CNMI art competition.

Rebecca Read poses with the artwork “CNMI Latte Storyboard” on behalf of artist Ross B. Wood who is off-island. Photos by Raquel C. BagnolThe winning entry was submitted by Ross B Wood who won $2,500. The painting of Robert H. Hunter, executive director of the CNMI Museum, titled “The Treasure” won $1,500 for the first place, while his other painting titled “Discovery” won the $1,000 second prize.

Reuben D. Maghanoy’s “Fir Blossoms” placed third and was awarded $500.

Wood was not there to claim his prize but he was represented by Rebecca Read, who told Variety that it took Wood about four weeks to finish his work.

Hunter said he worked on his painting “The Treasure” for a few hours a night in the past two weeks.

CNMI Museum executive director Robert H. Hunter poses with his first prize-winning painting “The Treasure” He said his second prize winner painting, “The Discovery,” is from his collections.

Maghanoy, a graphic artist, said he was very excited to win.

“I submitted two paintings and I’m very happy one of them made it to the third place,” he said.

He chose to paint fir blossoms because the bright colors would complement any wall perfectly.

The awarding ceremony took place during the ribbon-cutting for the new office of the Bridge Capital’s office in Garapan on Saturday afternoon.

The competition was open for all forms of art including 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional works like visual works of art, sculptures, ceramics and traditional crafts .

Third place winner Reuben Maghanoy with his painting “Fir Blossoms.”Judges for the competition were Lt. Gov. Eloy S. Inos, Joe Camacho, John Mulder and Lisa Frederickson.

The competition was held to promote and support CNMI art education and local artists.

All the winning entries will become the property of Bridge Capital, LLC and will be displayed at its office and may be presented from time to time on its Web site www.bccnmi/cnmiart.

In the K-12 art competition, 13 students from the second to the 12th grade received $100 each for placing first place in each grade category, and a $100 gift certificate for each teacher.

K-12 winners

2nd grade

Timothy James Castillon

“Mango “

Ladera International School

Teacher - Erica L. Woods

3rd grade

Andy Zhu

“Underwater world in the Future”

Garapan Elem. School

Teacher - Mr. Johnson

4th grade

Shawn Patrick Castillon

“Mother & Son

Ladera International School

Teacher - Mrs. Susan Saturday

5th grade

Madison Sablan


Saipan Community School

Teacher - Tamiko Winkfield

6th grade

Ji Yoon Jung

“Saipan Pretty Girl”

Saipan International School

Teacher - Mrs. Provido

7th grade

Seo Yoon Ko

“The Turtle”

Marianas Baptist Academy

Teacher - Ramiro H. Trinidad

8th grade

John Jerick Cabrera

Ancient Chamorro House

Tinian Junior Senior High School

Teacher - Ms. Rankin

9th grade

Marielle Bugarin


Tinian Junior Senior High School

Teacher - Keiko Manglona

10th grade

Karl Kenneth Melchor

“It’s a Wonderful World”

Marianas High School

Teacher -Wesley Foster

11th grade (two winners)

So Jung Song

“The Harmony of Nature”

Saipan Southern High School

Teacher - Ms. Rebecca Read

Sun Park

“The Pen”

Marianas Baptist Academy

Teacher - Ramiro H. Trinidad

12th grade

EunJung Kim

“Coconut trees and Coconuts”

Grace Christian Academy

Teacher - Mrs. Leah Dalusung


This article is from Marianas Variety.


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