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Bridge Capital unveils new HQ, names winners of art tilt
April 26, 2010

Lt. Gov. Eloy Inos led the ribbon cutting ceremony Saturday that marked the grand opening of the worldwide headquarters of Bridge Capital LLC on Micro Beach Road in Garapan. Winners of the art competition sponsored by Bridge Capital were also announced during the grand opening.

In his welcoming remarks, Inos recognized “the exceptional service of Bridge Capital LLC that was rendered to the people of the Commonwealth in what is still a relatively short history of the firm.”

Inos expressed gratitude to Bridge Capital for all its generous contributions to various local organizations that promote health and education in the community since 2007.

Inos was also “very much pleased” that Saipan was chosen as the site for Bridge Capital's worldwide headquarters. He said that the opening of the new headquarters certainly “reflects [Bridge Capital's] commitment to our island.”

“Our administration looks forward to many more years of partnership as we continue our mission to revitalize our economy,” Inos added.

Joining Inos in the ribbon cutting were John Mulder, Bridge Capital's chief operations officer; Lisa Frederickson, office manager and senior asset manager; Jon Anderson, property manager; and former House Floor Leader Joseph Norita Camacho.

RNV Construction was the contractor for Bridge Capital's new headquarters.
Refreshments and live entertainment were provided during the event.

Art competition winners

The art competition was divided into two. The open competition featured two and three-dimensional works of artists who are 18 years old or older while the K-12 competition catered to students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Ross Benjamin Wood, a ceramics teacher at Saipan Southern High School, was declared the grand prize winner in the open competition. His winning creation is called “CNMI Latte Storyboard.”

Wood, who runs the art department at SSHS, was in Guam for a master's tournament in soccer during the announcement. SSHS teacher Rebecca Reid and principal Craig Garrison accepted the prize on his behalf. The grand prize winner was awarded a check worth $2,500.

CNMI Museum director Robert Hunter won first prize for a painting he created for the competition. “The Treasure” shows a child in Carolinian attire looking at a shell, with the vast ocean as a backdrop. According to Hunter, the treasure can refer to the child or the shell, depending on an viewer's perspective.

Hunter also bagged the second prize for a canvas work he did from way back, titled “Discovery.”

Third prize went to Reuben Maghanoy for his acrylic on canvass, “Fir Blossoms.” Maghanoy, who submitted two entries for the contest, created his winning piece in two weeks in the early part of 2009.

Meanwhile, the winning artists for the K-12 competition were awarded $100 each and another $100 for their respective teacher for the purchase of art supplies.

Timothy James Castillon of Ladera International School of Saipan won for the second grade level with his entry “Mango.” Castillon's teacher is Erica Woods.

The winner for the third grade level was Andy Zhu of Garapan Elementary School. Zhu's work was called “Underwater World in the Future.”

Fourth grader Shawn Patrick Castillon, also from Ladera, won for his artwork called “Mother and Son.”

Madison Sablan, a 5th grader at Saipan Community School, was with her teacher, Tamiko Winkfield, when she accepted her award for her work of art called “Mascot.”

Sixth grade level winner Ji Yoon Jung of Saipan International School created “Saipan Pretty Girl.”

Marianas Baptist Academy 7th grader Seo Yoon Ko's masterpiece was called “The Turtle.”

Eight grader John Jerick Cabrera's “Ancient Chamorro House” and ninth grader Marielle Bugarin's “Lily,” were the winners for their respective levels. Both are students at Tinian Junior Senior High School.

Marianas High School's Karl Kenneth Melchor won the 10th grade level for “It's a Wonderful World.”

Two works-“The Harmony of Nature” by So Jung Song of SSHS and “The Pen” by Sun Park of Marianas Baptist Academy-got the judges' nod in the 11th grade level.

Eun Jung Kim of Grace Christian Academy was declared winner in the 12th grade level for the art piece, “Coconut Trees and Coconuts.”

Judges for the art competition were Lt. Gov. Inos, Camacho, Mulder and Frederickson.

The art competition sponsored by Bridge Capital was launched in time for its grand opening. Its objective was to encourage, promote and support artists in the CNMI.


This article is from Saipan Tribune.


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