Our Mission

In a climate seething with economic uncertainties, Bridge Capital sees only opportunities for our firm and our clients. Our core mission of bridge financing over many years has honed our business tools and team into a flexible structure that is well-suited to the new challenges of today that require the timely evaluation, purchase and sale, and management of distressed debt and underlying assets. Where others see a negative paradigm shift, Bridge Capital sees another new and exciting page in its business plan.


Bridge Capital, LLC is an international investment banking firm specializing in high yield real estate secured lending, distressed debt acquisition and restructuring, equity and debt placement, and investment management services.

Bridge Capital has over fourteen years of experience in providing these services to our clients. This vast experience enables us to analyze potential opportunities very quickly and formulate plans to enable clients to maximize these opportunities. Since 1981, Bridge Capital executives have been involved in major financial transactions, including participation in the placement of over US$2 billion in high yield loans, and the acquisition of over $4 billion in high yield debt and$1.5 billion in distressed debt.

Our lending activities are generally in commercial real estate opportunities which are time or value driven. We also provide management and consulting services to firms that specialize in areas such as commercial and residential land development, banking, rentals and operating businesses. Bridge Capital currently has financing and clients in Cambodia, Canada, Macau, Mariana Islands, Portugal, Thailand, and the US.

Our main focus for 2018 is the acquisition of distressed debt and assets that are available as a result of the economic challenges that the United States is experiencing. We will also continue our financing and advisory services in Asia.