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Bridge Capital, LLC is uniquely suited to leverage its experience, knowledge, and on-the-ground connections to provide the highest level of advisory and management services to companies and projects throughout Asia.

Bridge has offices and staff in numerous ASEAN countries including Thailand, Cambodia, Macau, and the Philippines, as well as Guam and Saipan. This has allowed Bridge to cultivate important relationships with local and international businesses, suppliers, and government officials. In many cases, Bridge has been able to connect to the highest official levels to negotiate preferred conditions and concessions for a managed project. Bridge has an advantage that only a true insider can hope to attain.

We have a wealth of experience working within the ASEAN business community and understand the individual pitfalls and difficulties of working in a foreign jurisdiction. Whether it's understanding Cambodian business law or staffing a project in Laos or Thailand, Bridge Capital has the knowledge and experience to guide our clients to success.